Instructions to Applicants for the Episcopacy

On behalf of The Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real, we welcome you to our website and to the application process to be our next Bishop.  We look forward to receiving your application information and getting to know you better.

Forms and Information Required

  • Application Form:  Applications are to be submitted in Survey Monkey. Click the purple “Click Here to Apply” button below.
    • All previous bishops under whom you have served are to be listed on the Application Form. Please provide current contact information for each one.
    • References, with current contact information, are part of the Application Form, and must include:
      • A member of the clergy of The Episcopal Church
      • A lay member of The Episcopal Church
      • Other interested individual who is not your spouse, relative, person under your direct supervision, or the person who nominated you.
    • Essay Questions (see below):  Your responses to these questions may be published in the packet provided to The Election Convention Delegates and on our website should you be one of the final Nominees.  You may want to write your answers to the essay questions in Word before beginning the Application on Survey Monkey and then copy-paste them into the application.
    • Please list any books, videos, training programs and other publications you have developed and produced.  
  • Updated Office of Transitional Ministry (OTM) Portfolio:  Submit your current OTM as a PDF attachment in the Survey Monkey application.
  • Applicant’s Resume/CV:  Submit your Resume/CV as a PDF attachment in the Survey Monkey application.

You may save the entries on any page of a partially completed application by selecting the NEXT button, and restart the application at any time, to further edit the entries.  The application must be resumed on the same device (i.e., computer, tablet) and browser, since it uses a cookie to bookmark its progress.  Selecting DONE at the bottom of the last page completes and submits the application.

The deadline for receiving your completed Application Packet via Survey Monkey is Monday, December 3 at midnight Pacific Standard Time.

The co-chair of the Bishop Search Team will notify applicants when their materials have been received. Please direct all questions and inquiries to our co-chair, The Rev. Barbara Miller by telephone at (470) 869-3446 or email at

Essay Questions

Your answers to the essay questions are limited to 2,000 characters each, about 500 words.

  1. Why do you believe you are being called to become the 4th Bishop of the Diocese of El Camino Real?
  2. How do you see the partnership between bishop, clergy and parishioners regarding matters of Diocesan operations and ministry?
  3. Please tell us a story from your experience about how you’ve come to have a deeper understanding of the diversity of the communities you have served. How did this experience challenge you, change you, and expand God’s message of love in the community?
  4. What are your concerns, short-term and long-term, regarding The Episcopal Church and how could this diocese respond to those concerns?