We are a diocese that is financially sound. The annual budget is created by the Budget Advisory Committee, which engages input from all deaneries, and is reliant upon Fair Share as the primary source of diocesan revenue.

The budget is based on the diocesan vision and strategic plan. Our diocesan vision in part is to “strive to be a resilient and dynamic Gospel presence, empowering people to lead faithful lives in a rapidly changing world.”

Please see the Diocesan 2017 Actual Revenue by Source and the 2017 Actual Expenses by Category pie charts illustrated by category – dollar and percentages; for a deeper dive into the consolidated financial statements, please click the Finance image below.

2017 Consolidated Financial Statements

The five counties (Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Benito, Monterey, and San Luis Obispo) of the Diocese of El Camino Real statistically indicate we are an area of minority majority; there is no majority ethnicity.

However, diocesan Episcopalians are predominately Caucasian with tremendous growth opportunity in Spanish-speaking communities and with Asian Americans. Taken as a whole, this is the church of the future that is being sought.

So often our diocese is associated with innovation and creativity but this is juxtaposed against those in need, under-resourced, under-employed, and living on our streets.

Numbers can illustrate many stories, but numbers do not justify the plight of the people — in particular the homeless, each of whom has a story and a voice.

The following pie charts provide a broad overview of our demographics, population, age distribution, median income, poverty rates, median property values, and homelessness in the area.