Listening to the people. These are the words heard during 13 Listening Sessions and gleaned from 595 Surveys. Sessions and surveys were offered in Spanish and English for lay, clergy, and diocesan staff.

“We love how our diocese creates and grows church partnerships within the local communities.”

“The homeless feeding program is important to us as a diocese.”

“We look forward to expanding our outreach programs.”

“We are a diocese walking into the future, looking for a bishop to walk with us.”

“As well as providing direction, inspiration, and guidance, a good bishop should exhibit courage, passion, confidence, commitment, and ambition. They should be able to nurture the strengths and talents of their people and build teams committed to achieving common goals.”

“Be open and willing to think outside of the box.  We live in different times now–even churches have to be reflective and change or grow.  That is, this isn’t the church of your parents and grandparents.  It has changed and should continue to be dynamic and innovative.”

“I think the diocese needs to position it self as a place of refuge, serenity and strength in a chaotic society.”

“It would be captivating to get a fluent Spanish speaking women to lead our diocese.”

“Get to really know all areas of the diocese. We are not the same. Needs are different. And remember that not every Episcopalian is a liberal or Democrat.”

“We really do need someone who sees dignity in all people and is willing to try new ideas and reach out in new ways to show others Christ’s way and to grow our church.”

“The Episcopal Church is a natural community to be a place to discuss the impact that innovation is having on our daily lives and development.”

“Attracting younger parishioners will be key for the Episcopal church in the coming years.”

“What might bilingualism enable between parishes and within the Dioceses?”

“We need action and presence in our neighborhoods.  I don’t want my church to fade away…”

“Actions and programs within the dioceses will attract if they are creative and involving.”

“No one person will be perfect–please find someone who knows how to heal parishes and the diocese and who can keep us moving forward.”

“I strongly would like a person who supports the Jesus Movement, who has a strong personal contemplative personal faith. A person who is a disciple of Jesus and will be very open about this rather than a person who is too concerned about being seen as ‘culturally sensitive’ in terms of current American culture.”

“Please hire someone who is OK with the LGBT community and make sure they are willing to let us know we have a home here in our diocese despite who or what we are!”